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Custom made to suit your intentions

From beaded jewelry to upcycled accessories to head wraps! Be sure to check out our store on Amazon (link coming soon)!


Manipura Jewelry by Sunni Sol

Thanks for checking out my handmade jewelry collection! Crystal Jewelry is a great way to maintain control of your auric energy and can even be designed with your intention in mind. Waist beads are an ancient means of womb healing and weight control. Check out some of my custom made jewelry and let me bring some life into your accessories today! Each piece is custom made, and if you see something you like it can easily be recreated. Place your order by contacting me today!

Waist Beads
RBG Waist Beads
Empress Waist Beads
Earth Tone Waist Beads
Crystal Bracelets
Buddha Bracelets
Crystal Bracelets
Wood & Stone Bracelet
Black Waist Beads
Disc Earrings
Disc earrings 2
Anxiety Protection Necklace
Blue Waist Beads
Beaded Jewelry


Available Now

Please allow up to 2 weeks for custom orders to be completed and shipped. Shipping costs not included.

$18 AND UP

Activated Crystal Energy Bracelets

After consulting with our staff, we will hand craft wrist pieces for you that address your energetic concerns and then bless and purpose them so that they are more than just beautiful physical accessories.

$12 AND UP

Beaded Jewelry & Accessories

These pieces can be purposed or made to wear just for fun! They are made with Seed Beads and can be designed to honor an ancestor or to work with a particular chakra using color therapy. Order your waist beads, bracelets, necklaces, anklets today!

$25 AND UP

Specialty Accessories

Have an old pair of pants that you want to upcycle into a purse? Need a cute hobo bag or head wrap? Let me hook you up today!

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